Tuesday, December 16, 2008

shots from drippin', letter to Santa, Nim's Island . . .

The sewing machine is a tiny old-style version that was given to Miss A for Christmas. Cute, eh? It really sews, too!

I watched Nim's Island with Miss A last night and was so impressed. There was little to no buzz around that movie, but it is just like Romancing the Stone for kids! If you have a 3-6 yr old child, you must rent/Netflix this film! It is just a great rumination on courage and adventure and imagination. The scenes of our hero Nim reading and the action occuring all around her are fantastic!

And as for that letter to Santa. Check it out below. Ain't it great? My eldest dictated the words to me and decorated the letter. Those last few words, if you can't make them out, are "p.s.--What color frogs do you like?"


And, if you are a breastfeeding mama, check out this link, where a fellow mama gives a radio broadcaster a piece of her mind for talking about how "rude" it is to breastfeed in public. Can you believe the nerve of that peckerhead?

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