Monday, December 15, 2008

looks might be misleading

As I post these peaceful shots, I will let you in on what has actually gone on in our house for the last twelve hours. Miss A woke at 2am and vomited all over the bathroom rug. She did, however, go back to sleep after some Pepto. The little one woke at seven or so, and as I was carrying her down to her room to change her, she vomited down my shirt. Right between the boobs. Bam. And then about an hour ago, as I headed back up to make the bed, I felt a squish. Vomit? I wondered. But no, upon further inspection, it was a pile of sh_t. Apparently the little bean's diaper had leaked before I could get to it. Awesome.

And then about an hour ago I got an alert from our bank. Some charming person charged an $1800 watch on our debit card. In Upstate New York. They said they would dispute the charges once they were posted. They are pending now. Why would you wait until the theft was complete to dispute it?? Huh???

On the other hand, look at the pretty frost on the windowpane. It's in the 30's out there today and yet, again, we were in shirtsleeves yesterday.

OHHH. And today is native/adapted plant day, isn't it? I do love oregano. It loves the neglect I dole out on it. There were two hardy plants in place when we first moved in here, but they were totally strangled with dead growth.
I cut them back and they sprang into action! I have had to cut them back again twice since then because of their vigor! Enjoy a few shots of our garden companions . . .

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