Saturday, December 20, 2008

cottage construction day!

I know I am veering from the norm and should be posting a recipe today, but the overriding focus of our day was the presence of Nana and Baba visiting for an early Christmas, and the tremendous construction of a playhouse for the two little ones. Take a look!

This got hubby and I to reminiscing about our own grandparents, and what we did with them when we were kids. I remember snuggling with my Grandpa R in his big ol' chair, and playing restaurant with the tv tables at their house, and going to garage sales with my grandma (my mama's mom). My man remembers the little wooden tub-toys with propellers that his grandpa (mama's dad) made for him, and the toffee his grandma (dad's mom) brought up to Westchester from NYC. How cool to be a grandparent. I think I aspire to it.

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