Monday, March 30, 2009

sphinx moth

Nobody is as excited about this guy as I am . . . he's as big as a hummingbird! So cool, such a long proboscis to reach down and get all that good Abelia nectar!


  1. Hi Meg- I found your blog on the Deer Creek Park and Lakes blog and I am enjoying it greatly! I started a google blog a few months ago when we moved to Austin and yours really inspires me to get back into it.

    I am assuming that you live in Deer Creek? My husband and I just moved here three weeks ago and I am exploring the resources in the area. You seem really neat and a like a great person to get to know!


  2. Anouk--I do live out in Deer Creek and would love to meet you at some point! Shoot me an e-mail thru the friends and neighbors site and maybe we can get together! Glad to have you in the area!