Wednesday, March 4, 2009

clothespin dolls

We were in Houston last weekend and, in addition to a delightful trip to the zoo, Nana and Miss A made clothespin dolls. Just way too adorable. I love watching how adept Miss A's hands are at dealing with those tiny materials. Yet another benefit of the Montessori approach. That and the ability to concentrate happily for extended lengths of time. Contrary to popular belief, I think that type of focus is something we LOSE over time, not something we gain. The natural state of the child is not hip-hopping from one moment to the next, never investing. It is enthralled fascination.

We actually attended an Open House at Miss A's school last weekend, and had such fun watching our daughter operate in another mode. Instead of behaving the same way she always does with us, she really changed in the Montessori environment, almost like she couldn't control the change, and exhibited a Zen-like calm as she gathered and worked with her materials. Check it out below.

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