Friday, March 27, 2009

blackberries and blustery skies

We've been blessed with rain and burgeoning spring. Here is the Climbing Don Juan rose covered in raindrops. Rare treat. What a classic rose shape on this one.
This is what the skies looked like before a big rainfall a couple days ago . . .
Almost scary--look at that line in the sky!
And here's a baby Arapaho blackberry, striding along . . .

The Brown Turkey fig looks very happy!


  1. That is a very impressive sky. Read about your St. Paddy's day party and soda bread. We had a big St. Paddy's day party last year - 24 for lunch and made 6 Irish Soda Breads - the recipe from Martha Stewart Baking cookbook - who else but a nice Polish/American woman to give a Canadian a good recipe for an Irish Soda Bread. Welcome to Blotanical.

  2. Thanks for the welcome . . . and I'm glad to find another soda bread devotee. That stuff is delicious!