Thursday, March 12, 2009

full pond and finished orchard

What more could a girl ask? We stretched the fencing and attached the gates--all seems to be holding. And my man and his truck retrieved a Craigslist bench for some relaxing in the shade-to-be. I still have a passionflower vine to plant along the southern fence-line.

Finally some rain, though not a drought-buster yet. The sound of it pounding down on the roof was such a delight. Now we'll get some bullfrogs in the next few weeks!

The pears in the orchard have both leafed out (though not the ones up by the house--less sun??), as have the pomegranates. The poor pears did sustain some damage from the deer before we got the fence up. What an annoyance. Hopefully they will heal and remain vigorous. The jujubes, persimmons, and one fig have green buds and have popped a couple leaves each. The little Arbequina olive, well . . . we'll just have to see. It did not like all the violent wind we've had, and was tiny to begin with. I am considering moving it into a pot up by the house until it is a bit bigger and planting a quince in its place. Still pondering.

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