Thursday, April 16, 2009

radiant blossoms . . . errant blogger

Lantana camara in the chicken run.
Climbing rose "Don Juan."
Old fashioned petunia. More upright than the ones you commonly see today. I hope to plant more of these next year if these guys set seed.
Lady Banks Rose. Covered in blossoms right now. The white variety is actually even more floriferous.
Rosa chinensis "Mutabilis." The butterfly rose. I am in love with this rose. I planted two bare-root specimens this winter and have loved watching their reddish new growth emerge, and their fascinating flowers as they grow darker from yellow to deep rose. The delicacy of these blossoms is superb.

My mind has been all over lately, lollygagging along in a haze of springtime glee. There is nothing like a wealth of blossoms and green to make a gardener happy (while they last).

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