Saturday, March 21, 2009

happy vernal equinox (a couple days late!)

Spring is all-out springing here, and oh what fun. The light the last couple mornings has been so pretty, gentle, golden. I am being a real wuss about cutting back all the wild mustard and clover that has seeded itself all over the yard . . . the clover is soft and smells good and the mustard reminds me of abandoned fields in Germany. That gorgeous acid green is so special.
Indian paintbrushes against the little persons' bench.
Rain lilies.
Poppy bursting.
Strawberry sizzle geranium.
Verbena and dianthus.
East facing bed.
White pansies and sunset-colored snapdragons.
Coral honeysuckle.
The Lady Banks Rose is about to put on a major show.

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  1. words of wisdom, spiritual inspiration and all around good juju. I was especially inspired by this post on the Spring Equinox. Thank you Mystic Mama, for the reminder to feel and celebrate this Narconon Fresh Start.