Wednesday, January 14, 2009

save the croc hunter's land!

My kids recently discovered the late Steve Irwin via a library DVD entitled Croc Files. They are both in love. Me too, really. I miss the guy. What energy, enthusiasm, and love for his calling in life! I wish I had such clarity about what I wanted my days here on earth to accomplish. Anyway, there is a 135,000 hectare wildlife preserve in Queensland, Australia that was set aside in his name for perpetuity. It is entitled the "Steve Irwin Wildlife Preserve," and some folks want to strip mine it! You can sign a petition to stop them HERE.

How many beautiful places in our world have been mangled in the name of progress? I'm sure this is one of those "mineral rights" issues, which all home-owners can be subject to if they are not careful. Do you own the mineral rights to your land?? Probably not. Look into it.

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