Friday, January 16, 2009

fruit tree frenzy

If anyone else is hankering to plant some fruit trees for their children to munch on in the coming years, after some searching I found THIS great list of adapted cultivars for the Greater Austin / Central TX area. Another really useful link on growing edibles in TX can be found here. And I happen to know that The Natural Gardener will get their persimmons in Monday morning . . . Go go go!

To add to the list, I have heard that good persimmons for our area are:
Fuyu, Hachiya, Saijo, and Chocolate
and good Pomegranates are:
Cloud, Parfianka (sold as Garnet Sash), Granada, Sirenevyi, and Ambrosia

Above is a shot of my Moonglow pear, planted a couple months ago, and some swelling buds on my Arapaho blackberry! OOOH.

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