Tuesday, January 13, 2009

the morning moon

The moon stayed out for quite a while this morning before disappearing into the sunlight. A cold day.

Apparently the 10th, just a couple days ago, was the brightest moon we are going to get in 2009. We were at the "perigee," when the moon was the closest it will come to us on its elliptical travels.

I was just reading about lunar gardening in my new Texas Gardener magazine. Apparently the best time to plant crops that grow underground (onions, potatoes, and such) and perennials is during a waning moon (right now!) and the best time to plant annuals and leafy veg is during a waxing moon (in a few weeks!). I am disobeying, (I guess not entirely, because I did just plant some Arapaho and Navaho blackberries, which are of course perennial--but I'm also about to plant some spinach . . . ) but it's interesting to note anyway! Here is a link to the TG article. Enjoy!

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  1. The moon has seemed bright here too. I thought it was just my imagination...