Saturday, January 3, 2009

fave new cheese--and a sea monkey update!

Hubby purchased the queen of cheeses the other day. By chance, or because he's cheap, he came upon something that looked like Parmesan but costed about half as much:
Zerto Reggianito, from Argentina, made of skim cow's milk. It is a delicious aged cheese, and does in fact have that toothsome wonderfulness of Parmesan. Look for it!

And the sea monkeys are up and at 'em! There are at least three growing, thriving shrimp in our tiny little tank! Miss A loves to watch them swim in circles, and asks them, "Hey, what you doin'?"

And here's a picture of a real sea monkey! (actually, it's Grandma G's dog Heidi, who swims no matter what the temp . . . )

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