Tuesday, April 28, 2009

pretty pics by my hubby

My man has been wielding the camera lately. I love his shots, the way he captures light and movement. We got a new digital picture frame at Wolf Camera downtown (going out of business!) and have been experimenting with that, though the image quality is not what we had hoped. We are both ambivalent about letting go of printing, but it may be inescapable.

The top shot is of our recent trip out to Hamilton Pool . . . oh so pretty. And the rain has been falling.

Do you print your pics? digitize? How do you chronicle your moments?


  1. Very good and colorful blog Keep on updating it.

  2. The photo of two chicken and the little girl is awesome..., the colors match perfectly, hers and the chicken's combs. Of course her red dress is so overwhelming...

    Nice photos...,
    ~ bangchik