Sunday, November 30, 2008

the princess problem

So here's my parenting pickle of the week. I have a four year old daughter (tomorrow!). And we're all familiar with the Disney Princesses which are foist upon our little ones. And they love them, yes they do. So how to balance the desire to satiate this fairly benign (or not?) obsession and the need to counter it with more substantial interests? Interests that feed the minds and hearts of the little girls who will become the next generation of Americans (and who will raise the generation of Americans coming thereafter??). My eldest glows with pleasure when people complement her (often fantastically creative) outfits and hairstyles. I think we must be biologically primed for this dress-up and primping stage, or it would not be so ubiquitous among this age group. And I don't want to rob her of this. I would like to provide an alternative source of self-confidence, though. A friend suggested that I acquire additional dress-up paraphernalia so that she could vogue not only as a princess, but as a vet, or a chef, or a policewoman. I think I'll give it a try . . .

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